Compactor Roll Rebuilds

Deca Industries has a long history of working with compactor rolls. We manufacture components for compactor rolls of all sizes and styles. We also offer complete rebuild services of compactor roll assemblies, gearboxes, force feeders, and hydraulic cylinders. Many modifications can be made to better suit your application, or to offer improved reliability. Some of these modifications include water cooling, improved sealing, and alternative materials for longer roll life and anti-glazing. Due to our extensive knowledge and experience, we have a close working relationship with 2 of the largest OEM's in North America.

Detailed Information

  • We manufacture rolls, shafts, shells, bearing blocks, couplings, etc
  • We machine parts from a wide variety of materials
  • Many custom profiles are available including sine waves, briquettes, chicklets, and almonds which can be machined to suit your specific application
  • Nitriding, chroming, and hardsurfacing is available
  • We repair worn or damaged compactor rolls of any size and style
  • We refurbish bearing journals and bearing blocks
  • We re-coat and machine rolls, as well as replace shells
  • We refurbish hydraulic cylinders
  • We repair force feeders
  • We offer complete rebuild services on all compactor gearboxes

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